What To Expect When You Visit Greenville, South Carolina

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling activities a person could do in his or her lifetime. Aside from soaking up the unfamiliar culture, meeting new friends is definitely a top highlight when you decide to give in to your wanderlust. If you are thinking about visiting the other states in the U.S., why not see Greenville, SC?

Described as the Athens, Georgia for adults, Greenville is the largest city of South Carolina, United States. It is also the center of the biggest metropolitan area of the state. But what else can you expect from this beautiful city?

Here are some of the facts you should check:

1. They serve fried tomatoes

Tomatoes are usually served raw on a salad. However, Greenville serves it differently. Their restaurants serve the appetizer fried green tomatoes. Although they pass as dinner on the other parts of the world, a plate of this unique dish is just the starter to your great meal. So if you ever visit Greenville, SC, don’t forget to try this dish.

2. People are extra polite

Politeness is a very admirable trait of character, and the locals here are definitely full of this one. Every person you meet in eye contact with will always greet you with either a smile or a nod. They always say “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. The courtesies they extend to their visitors often creep them out, especially if they come from a country that does not express the same level of politeness and friendliness.

3. You can drink the water from the tap

In other states, you will need a water filter or purifier to make the tap water drinkable. But not in Greenville, where tap water is extra-clean. You can literally drink the water from the faucet. So do not be surprised if you see some locals in the neighborhood who are just slurping from hoses, sinks and water fountains.

4. They are obsessed with donuts

People here are obsessed with donuts. Aside from Dunkin’ Donuts, their most famous local shop Hot & Now’s is where most people get their fix. Aside from their love of their donuts, their founding fathers actually went to war over a disagreement of donuts. To commemorate the event, they established a memorial of donut catapult to honor their donut warriors.

5. Restaurants offer gluten-free foods

Almost all of the restaurant in Greenville, SC have climbed aboard the gluten-free bandwagon, but that does not mean that the city has already gone completely free of gluten. Many restaurants still offer the complimentary bread sticks and bread baskets, and their cafes, burger joints and bakeries also offer the regular stuff.

6. The Falls Park is stunning

Decades ago, during the 1960s to be exact, the mills had polluted the river a lot. During the late 1970s, the locals have started to realize that they needed to reclaim the old state of the river. Finally in 2002, they removed the bridge and this lessened the foot traffic and pollution. The following year, Falls Park was open to the public. Despite the strict rules imposed here, people have found ways to use the park. They host food festivals, concerts, outdoor movies, art shows and even races.

Visiting this place will give you another perspective. Although Greenville, SC is a bustling city, it has still retained its small-town vibe. If you plan to travel here, make sure to visit the local restaurants, and bring with you some friends or family as this city is best experienced when you have the company of the people you love.

Not all cafes and restaurants are located on the Main Street, so be sure to check the best restaurants and cafes to visit in this area.